Events Calendar PRO + Addons

Sites of various purposes may require a calendar on the main page, where any visitor can find out the dates before the start of a certain event. For example, for an online store, this could be the beginning or end of a sale promotion, for a multimedia site, the appearance of some expected content, or information that will become available for download. For a blog, it can be a countdown or the exact date when a new post appeared. For any of these purposes is suitable The Events Calendar Pro . Using the plugin, you can create your own events (not one, but several per day, per week, month, and the like).

Pluginit is not only easy to use, but also easy to install – you just need to download it and install it in WordPress, after which the plugin will be completely ready for work. As for compatibility, the plugin is able to work in most versions of WordPress, does not interfere with the work of other plug-ins, add-ons or the most popular themes.

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Version version 5.2.0
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