Grameasy is standalone app. It allows and gives you the greatest way to boost your Instagram account with more followers, likes, comments, unfollows and direct messages than ever before.

GramEasy - Instagram Auto Post & Activity

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Version 7.0 –  Oct 29, 2019
   - Sloved: Invalid request options" problem

Version 6.9 –  Oct 27, 2019
    - Added: Recurring Payment for Stripe and Paypal
    - Added: Auto clear cookie for Instagram Auto Activity when action blocked
    - Added: Post to company page for Linkedin
    - Added: Option disable landing page
    - Added: Option disable GDPR Cookie Consent
    - Added: Option select all accounts when schedule posts
    - Added: New Datetimepicker for Schedule Post
    - Updated: Instagram API version 7.0
    - Fixed: Permission from packages for Google Drive and Dropbox
    - Fixed: Packages not save when update
    - Sloved: Instagram avatar not showing
    - Sloved: Facebook Pages and Groups not show with Facebook API Official
    - Sloved: Preview not show correct on publish all.
Version 6.8 –  Aug 31, 2019
    - Improved: Unknown Error Server on Instagram
    - Updated: Instagram API
    - Added GDPR Compliant Cookie Consent 
    - Improved: Design for profile page
    - Improved: New design for package page
    - Improved: New design for proxies pages
    - Improved: New design for custom pages
    - Added: option clear cache for Instagram
    - Added: Option enable/disable optimize image for instagram post
    - Fixed: Instagram Avatar not show
    - Improved small bugs

Version 6.6 –  July 24, 2019
    - Added: Link story feature for Instagram
    - Added: Post story close friends features for Instagram
    - Added: Notification feature (
    - Added: Schedule activity options: Run by odd hours, Run by even hours, Run by Alternate 1 and Alternate 2
    - Added: Option never stop on activity
    - Added: DesignBold Image Editor feature
    - Improved: Schedule Calendar
    - Improved: Actions blocked
    - Improved: Image quanlity post for Instagram
    - Improved: Paystack payment history (Just for Extended License)
    - Improved: Dashboard Report
    - Improved: Aruba Theme
    - Improved small bugs
Version 5.3 –  May 07, 2019
    - Fixed schedule calendar duplicate funtion
    - Update new JS
    - Improved script

Version 5.2 –  April 27, 2019
    - Fixed problem add instagram account "No configs given" 

Version 5.1 –  April 15, 2019
    - Fixed: Stopped activity when occur errors
    - Fixed: Unfollow by source (No response from server. Either a connection or configuration error.)
    - Fixed: Multi account comment on a post
    - Fixed: Duplicate followers
    - Fixed: Repost by days don't work

Version 5.0 –  April 9, 2019
    - Fixed: Don't comment the same users
    - Fixed: Don't follow the same users
    - Fixed: Don't DM the same users
    - Fixed: Comment multi times on the same posts
    - Fixed: Search and Load locations
    - Remove actions on onwer posts
    - Fixed: Filter advance not work
    - Fixed: Repost caption not save
    - Changed "Repost by hour" to Repost by days"
    - Remove post can't comment
    - Fixed report pages problems
    - Improved CSS
Version 4.0 –  January 13, 2019
    - Added edit post for schedules post
    - Added filter for calendar schedules
    - Improved pass Instagram challenge required easier
    - Added "Login as User" features
    - Improved Instagram Auto Activity
    - Many more small improved

Version 3.2 - December 27, 2018
- Fixed problem for direct message to new followers
- Add repost media by Usernames, Tags, Locations
- Fixed post by search media

Version 3.0 - November 1, 2018
    - [NEW] Added auto repost media feature
    - [NEW] Added auto DM (New followers) feature
    - [NEW] Added watermark feature
    - [NEW] Added editor image feature
    - [NEW] Added custom page module
    - [NEW] Added multiple template feature
    - [NEW] Added new template ARUBA
    - [NEW] Added Pagseguro payment module
    - [NEW] Added editor image
    - [NEW] Added dark menu sidebar
    - [NEW] Added full menu sidebar
    - Fixed bug report count posts
    - Fixed bug calendar schedules
    - Fixed bug translate language
    - Fixed unfollows problem 
    - Fixed activity schedules features
    - Improved script
    - Fixed bug small bugs
    - Improve a some features

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