DeepSound is a music sharing script, DeepSound is the best way to create your own music site! Allows you to download music: download any song from your device and share it online with other users. Wave Generator: After downloading a song, the system generates waves in real time for each song. High performance and features: DeepSound can easily handle any number of songs with very high performance and speed. 


Version 1.2
[Added] statics for each song, each album, this week, this month, today’s views, likes, dislikes, etc.
[Added] bulk upload, one click, user can select 10+ songs in albums.
[Added] lyrics, user can upload lyrics to song.
[Added] the ability to disallow or allow download and embed features.
[Fixed] 5+ reported bugs.
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File Size60 MB
Demo Link Demo Link
Versionversion 1.2.1
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