Varient is a multi-purpose news and magazine script. It has a clean, responsive and user-friendly design. You can manage almost everything on your site using the powerful admin panel. This is a system with several authors, and all authors have their own control panel for their messages. It has an RSS system, and you can use it as a news grabbing. It is protected, optimized for SEO, fast and easy to use. 

29 May 2019 - Version 1.6

- Added Gallery Post Option 
- Added Ordered List Post Option 
- Added 
Multiple File Option 
- Added GIF Support 
- Added VK Login 
- Added Google Login 
- Added Hide & Show Option Profile User Email 
- Added RSS Posts the Option for Users Offline 
- Added the Preferences Section to Profile User the Settings 
- Added Telegram List Social Media the Option 
- Added the Language the Options to the Control Plesk Panel 
- Added for Responsive the Table the Option to the Post the Content 
- Added of Post Send Email the Option to a Subscriber 
- Added the Comment the Option for Unregistered Users 
- Added Bulk Options
- Added the Sort Slider Posts by a Date the Option 
- Added the Sort Featured Posts by a Date the Option 
- Added Image Edit Have the Option for RSS Posts 
- Added the Multiple Image the Upload the Option for the Post Images Related 
- Added Image the URL Field for the Post Images Related 
- Added Search Field to Edit Have Phrases Page 
- File Search 
- Improved Video Upload Section 
- Improved RSS System 
Updated File Manager - Updated Gallery Section 
- Updated Email System 
- Updated Comment Section 
- Updated Scheduled Posts System 
- Updated Facebook Login 
- Updated Mobile Menu 
- Google Update 
- Removed Google Plus Links 
- Fixed Some Bugs & Design Problems

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