Multi Level Marketing / Agent Advanced Pro is the best way to promote your website. Increase your sales by giving your customers the opportunity to share a link to your site. This extension is very useful for increasing your sales with the MLM system. A client can buy as well as earn something by sharing a link, so the client will visit the website again and he will have more chances to buy something else.

1. The client can become an agent. No need to register separately as a partner.
2. Earn a commission by sharing a product or simply register a new agent.
3. Client can check their downlines
4. The client can get the total income from the downline.
5. Ability to withdraw payment
6. Export CSV-income, withdrawals, transactions
7. Download PDF for income, conclusions, transactions
8. The administrator can set 2 types of commissions Order commission, Register commission
9. Up to 10 levels of commissions.
10. Order based on commission up to 10 levels.
11. Registration on the basis of commission up to 10 levels to attract new customers.
12. The ability to set the status by which the status of the agent’s orders will be applied to the commission.
13. The administrator can create an agent / opportunity to check the downstream agents
. 14. Make payment on withdrawal requests
. 15. Withdrawal reports in PDF or CSV format.

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Version v2.3
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