All SMS Gateway will help you to send SMS through HTTP-SMPP Protocol and also helps to turn your Android device into an SMS gateway so that you can send and receive SMS. There has an Android app by which you can easily connect your Android device to web server and check all received and sent SMS. Also, you can synchronize mobile numbers with web server just by one click. All SMS Gateway has an API module that will help you to integrate it into any other programming languages. This system also help you to generate and validate OTP (one time password).

Main Features

  1. Send Quick SMS
  2. Send SMS from HTTP/SMPP protocal and Android Phone
  3. Send SMS from CSV File
  4. Send SMS from Contact List
  5. Send Bulk SMS
  6. SMS Scheduling at a Specific Time
  7. Pre-defined SMS Template
  8. Receive SMS from your Device
  9. Android Bot
  10. Multiple Reports: Sent SMS and Received SMS
  11. Multiple Device per Account
  12. Contact Numbers Management
  13. Contact Groups Management
  14. Block any Contact
  15. Synchronize Mobile Numbers with Web Server
  16. Import Mobile Numbers from CSV File
  17. OTP – generate and validate an OTP (one time password)
  18. User Role Based Permission Control
  19. API Module for Sending and Receiving SMS from any Programming Language
  20. Subscription Module for Client’s Subscription and Payment Management
  21. Multi-lingual Module
  22. Multiple Payment Gateway
  23. Well written Documentation
  24. Instant Support

Change Log

Version 02 – Jun 08, 2020

[Added] Long SMS
[Added] HTTP and SMPP Gateway
[Added] OTP - One time password
[Added] Android Bot
[Added] Restriction for words, IP, Email, Country
[Added] Daily Limit for Android Device
[Added] Sender ID Management
[Added] SMS Gateway Management
[Added] Email Template
[Added] Credit Purchasing
[Added] Credit Transferring
[Added] Credit Pricing Table
[Added] Package Management
[Added] Invoice Management
[Added] Recurring SMS Campaign
[Added] Recurring Invoices
[Added] Subscription Auto Renew
[Added] Backup and Restore
[Added] Synchronization
[Fixed] Error while importing excel sheet
[Fixed] App auto logout
[Improved] Android App Interface
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