PharmaStore is an online pharmacy management system. The main purpose of the project is the management of the pharmaceutical shop and sale the drugs which is in stock. It is used to handle most pharmacy related activities in the pharmacy.

PharmaStore App Features
Monthly Sale Report
Daily Top Ten Sale Report
Latest Medicine List
Add Users Role
Add Payment Method
Medicine Stock Info
Medicine Expire Info
Supplier Invoice Management
Monthly Sale Report
Daily Top Ten Sale Report
Latest Medicine List
User Management :
Add Users Role
Add Users
Show Users List
Medicine Category Management:
Add/ Update
Show List
Medicine Generic Management :
Add/ Update
Show List
Medicine Management :
Medicine Add/ Update
Show Medicine List
Medicine Supplier Management :
Supplier Add/ Update
Show Supplier List
Medicine Order Management :
Place Order
Order List
How to setup
Database Configuration:

  1. Create a new database in your server. Name it ‘pharmastore’
  2. Import ‘pharmastore.sql’ file into your new database
    Application Configuration:
  3. Open ‘.env’ file inside the project folder and update the database information according to your database configuration.
  4. Upload the project folder onto your desired location in server.
  5. Configure your domain to redirect to the public folder inside the ‘project’ folder
    Setup Development Environment:
  • If you are a developer, you can avoid Database Configuration & Application Configuration steps. And follow the following instructions:
  1. Create a new database in your local machine. Name it ‘pharmastore’.
  2. Paste the project folder inside your public folder. If you are using xampp the apache public folder will be xampp/htdocs
  3. Open console while inside the project folder
  4. Run “composer update” command in console window
  5. Run “php artisan migrate” command in console window to create tables
  6. Run “php artisan db:seed” command in console window to insert default values to database tables
  7. Browse the project with http://localhost/med/public url. OR you can also run “php artisan serve” command from console window to access the project with



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