A beautifully crafted user interface with Nuxt.js and Vue for modern Education Platforms.

  • Expertly coded Vue.js
  • 48 Unique Page Designs & 100+ Vue Components
  • Stacked on Nuxt.js – The Vue.js Framework
  • Built with Bootstrap Vue v2.17
  • Styled with Bootstrap v4.5.2 Source SCSS
  • Fully Responsive
  • RTL Ready with a simple switch
  • SSR (Server Side Rendering) and full static site generation

Luma Nuxt v2.2.0 – Oct 29, 2020

  - Improved browser support via babel and core-js@3 (last 2 versions of every major browser, IE >= 11)
  - Reorganized plugin files into matching npm modules names (ie. plugins/charts.js -> plugins/fmv-charts.js)
  - Added globaly injected routes for all demo links (see plugins/app.js, store/settings.js and store/sidebarMenuConfig.js)
  - Renamed 'default' layout to 'app' layout
  - Added webpack config for working with symlinked modules
  - Added blog posts props on home and blog page
  - Improved components docs type pages nav
  - Cleanup mixins/layout-config.js
  - Bumped vue-luma to v2.1.0 (see below)
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