Connect is a Real-Time Communication Web Application with Video, Audio and Screen Sharing Communication. Built on modern web technologies such as Laravel, VueJS and Bootstrap CSS framework, with tons of built-in features and components, it enables users to communicate with others via Video Conference, Webinar, Audio Conference etc. It uses WebRTC for real time communication, using our own Signaling Server as default.

NOTE: To customize the script of this application, you need at least intermediate level web development experience in order to understand few components and strategy used in developing this application. You need to know Web Technologies such as PHP, Laravel, JavaScript and Vue Library. You need to be able to install the pre-requisites of this application.

We will be updating regularly with latest version of framework, plugins, features and fixes. Please share your feedback, bug reports and feature requests which we will try to implement in upcoming versions as soon as we can.

  • Built with Latest Version of Laravel (7.x), The Most Popular and Widely Supported PHP Framework
  • Built with Latest Version of Vue.JS – The Fastest and The Most Starred JavaScript Framework
  • Easy Installation Wizard and Step-by-step Installation Tutorial Videos
  • Supports REST API, easy to integrate with other application
  • Single Page Application, reduces queries to server, decreases loading time, less bandwidth usage and improved user experience
  • Most Efficient Database Structure, gives scalability to the application
  • Clean & Simple Coding Structure allows you to customize the application

Features Summary

Connect Application is perfect solution for Audio Conference, Video Conference / Live Meeting, Online Classes, Screen Sharing, Live Consultation, Podcasts (Audio Broadcasting) and Webinar (Video Broadcasting) etc.

Check the Usage section on our support page for the usage instructions.

Here are the list of some of the highlighted features:

  • Authentication
  • Contacts & Segments
  • Meetings
    • Audio Conference
    • Podcast
    • Video Conference
    • Webinar
    • Live Class
    • Scheduled Meeting
    • Screen Sharing
  • Users
  • Todo
Version 1.11.0 Released on 4 June 2021

* NEW FEATURE - Lifetime Membership
* NEW FEATURE - Paddle Payment Gateway Integration
* NEW FEATURE - Prefer Rear Camera configuration option for Live Meeting
* UPDATE - Improved membership feature
* UPDATE - Migrated to Dart Sass for build
* FIX - Issues with file uploading and uploader component
* FIX - Issues with Live Meeting on Chrome Browser on iOS
* FIX - Issues with Membership
* FIX - Issues with ask host before join option
* FIX - Issues with Signal Server configuration
* FIX - Issues with WebRTC Adapter
* FIX - Issues with Bandwidth & Device setup and camera switching on Live Meeting
* FIX - Issues with greenroom setup on Live Meeting
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