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The XenForo Resource Manager allows your community to organize downloads, tutorials, guides, and more. XenForo’s powerful discussion features provide a place to give feedback, ask questions, and interact with the resource author.

There is no better platform upon which to grow your community. XenForo is the solution your customers would choose.

The primary application of XenForo is the forum system, allowing your visitors to create and reply to threads of discussion.

XenForo forums support structured question and answer threads, suggestion threads and forums, and a rich article authoring and display system.


Emoji and smilies

Users can make full use of emoji in their messages, even on devices that don’t fully support them, and community-specific emoticons can be added through our custom smilie system.


While XenForo is able to host the richest online discussion format available anywhere, it is not limited to simple lists of discussion threads.

An entire forum can be designated as an article repository with a masonry-style layout, previewing rich XenForo articles, the commenting system for which gains all of the capabilities of regular discussion threads.

News, announcements, how-tos, reviews… the uses for articles go on and on.

XenForo articles are like super threads whose first post gains additional capabilities and limits to allow rich content to be laid out however best fits your needs.

Articles include specific markup to distinguish them from discussion threads to search engines, giving them a higher weighting against lower-quality user-generated-content.


Users can tag other members in their messages using a well-known syntax, which will notify the tagged member so they can quickly give the message their attention.

Link unfurling

When visitors post URLs, they are automatically unfurled to give a preview of the linked content.

Media embedding

When users post links to content on popular media sites, the media itself will be automatically embedded right in the message – no need to go and fetch some clunky embed-HTML from the source.

Better still, you can define your own media site handlers if we don’t offer your platform of choice out of the box.

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