Mighty UI Kit is as the name says is dominating and powerful set of Flutter UI kit containing complete app templates, ready to use widgets, code snippets i.e. readymade code integration and stunning screens covering many different use cases. The biggest Flutter UI kit comes with the latest material design. Mighty UI templates are developed with the highest quality, ease of reusing widgets, fast, and completely user-friendly interface. You can easily integrate these into any Flutter project. Mighty UI Kit makes the developer job easy to achieve modern look and feel of the mobile application. It saves your hustle and time to develop a perfect design UI for modern-day-use mobile application.

Mighty UI Kit comes with around xx ready-to-use apps, xxx+ screens and xx sample Flutter application templates. It works great with both Android and iOS. The code is easy to understand. You can take out assets and add into Flutter app seamlessly. With Mighty UI Kit you can rest assure to have clean code and fully functional design. Mighty UI Kit is ready to use and can be easily integrated in any flutter project.

Mighty UI Apps:eGarden – Garden Shopping AppHandy Man – Home Service Partner AppSmart Home – Control your smart home devicesRent House – Use your phone to search and Use your smartphone to search and find rent home, apartment, etc for rent nearby youVPN – Make your network secure and privateMeela Bank – Transfer money to your friendsGrocery App – The Best Shopping app for all your grocery.

App Features:

Clean Code and a well structured projectSingle code base for both Android & iOS60 FPS Support for both Android & iOSFully responsive UIBest UI & UXDark and light modesGreat animationEasy to customizeUse of MobX State managementFree life time updates & stunning customer supportEasy to integrate in your project


Material App

Appbar – Different type of app bar with/without actionBottom Navigation Bar – With Icon and Label, With Custom Image, With shifting LabelSliver Appbar – Sliver AppBar With Listview, Parallax sliver AppBar.Tab Bar – Simple Tab Bar, Title with icon tab, Icon tab, Scrollable TabButtons – Drop Down Button, Floating Action Button, Popup Menu ButtonInputs and Selections – Check Box, DateTime Picker, Radio, Slider, Switch & TextFormFieldDialogs, Alerts and Panels – Alert Dialog, Bottom Sheet, Expansion panel, Simple dialogInformation Display – Card, Chip, ProgressBar, Gridview, Listview

Cupertino Widgets

Action SheetActivity IndicatorAlert DialogButtonContext MenuDialogNavigation BarPickerSegment ControlSliding Segment ControlSliderSwitchTabBarTextField

Painting and Effect

BackDrop Filter, Transform

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Version v3.10.0
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