Mosaic is a powerful admin dashboard template built with Tailwind CSS. It features hundreds of pre-built layouts and sections and is coded in HTMLReact, and Vue. Mosaic comes with dozens of functional designs to help you get started quickly. With a wide range of beautiful styles and a full-screen layout, it’s a perfect fit for admin dashboards, eCommerce, marketplaces, FinTech, and SaaS companies to use as a starting point for their projects. If you are looking to take your app to the next level – Mosaic is the way to go!

What’s inside

  • 50 Pre-assembled pages (available in HTML, React and Vue)
  • 80+ Ready-made demo sections
  • 14 Atomic Components (buttons, forms, modals, tooltip, pagination, and more)
  • 18 Beautiful Charts (line, bars, stacked bars, doughnut, polar)
  • 7 Table layouts
  • 6 E-Commerce layouts (shop, product, cart, checkout)
  • Blog feed + Blog post
  • Authentication pages
  • Utility sections (changelog, roadmap, pricing plans, and more)
  • 4 Steps onboarding process
  • Kanban Board
  • Full-page Calendar
  • Inbox app layout
  • Chat app layout
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  • … and more!


  • Fully Responsive layouts
  • Retina-ready
  • Focus on accessibility for keyboard navigation + WAI-ARIA
  • Clean code with comments
  • W3C validation passed
  • Google Fonts integration
  • Beautiful SVG icons
  • Third-party libraries integration (Chart.js, Flatpickr)
  • Design files included (for Sketch and Figma)

Tech Specs

HTML Template
Shipped with a boilerplate built on Webpack (check out the intro video to know more). Key dependencies

  • Tailwind CSS 2
  • Alpine.js 3
  • Chart.js 3
  • Flatpickr 4

React Template
Basic Create React App project using CRACO to allow configuring Tailwind. Key dependencies

  • React 17
  • React Router 5
  • Tailwind CSS 2
  • Chart.js 3
  • React Flatpickr 3

Vue Template
Basic project built with Vue + Vite. Key dependencies

  • Vue 3
  • Vue Router 4
  • Tailwind CSS 2
  • Chart.js 3
  • Vue Flatpickr 9
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