Jumbo React is a React and Material-UI-based admin template that follows Google’s Material Design Concept and helps you in building your React web application faster, precisely, and cost-effectively.

Apart from the Material-UI, Jumbo has lots of other powerful libraries like Coremat-Pro, Redux, Storybook, ReCharts, and many more.

With Jumbo, you can minimize the UI development cost and efforts of your project by 60-70% and can launch your app ahead of time.

Jumbo covers 360-degree premium support after the purchase. Quickly learn with video tutorials, online documentation, and other community members, Or raise a support ticket, you will always find us right here to help you out.

Few highlights of Jumbo

  • React, Material-UI, Redux (A solid foundation for your next project)
  • Coremat Pro (A set of 20+ highly reusable components)
  • React Hooks and Context APIs (Jumbo follows the modern standards of React coding)
  • JSS based styling (No other dependency, use what Material-UI recommends)
  • Both CRA and NextJS versions (Build your app of either the SPA or SSR type)
  • Firebase, JWT and Custom Auth (Three in-built authentication and foundation to extend with a new one)
  • Storybook Integration (Quick and easy exploration of components use-cases)
  • Extractable Components (Extract and use selected components in an existing Material-UI Project)
  • 7 Unique Dashboards (100+ custom use as-is components)
  • 10+ Layout Options (Simply start with a layout your application requires)
  • 3 Theme Shades (Light, Semi-dark and Dark)
  • 6 Fully coded App UIs (Task Manager, Mail, Chat, Contacts, Social Wall, Profile)
  • and much more…
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