Network is a SaaS platform where people can create groups or communities to host local in-person or online events based on Laravel 7 framework. It is like Eventbrite, Meetup, Ticketmaster etc.

Network offers to community organizers a set of powerful features in order to manage their community and events. During Covid-19 era, most of the events are now presented online, that is why Network supports online events just like in-person events.

During the Covid-19 period, there has been a serious increase in event and community management platforms due to the fact that community managers need more management tools than usual and the rapid increase in online events. You can take advantage of this opportunity and have your own community and event management platform and take your place in this growing market.

Super Admin

That will be you the platform owner that have the ability to manage all of the contents, designs and the configurations of the platform.


The organizer is the role for subscribed users of the platform. When user subscribe to your plan, he will became an organizer which can create groups and events to manage their community.


The default role for registered users. They can became members of any groups they want. They can attend events. They can also be a part of any group’s organizer team to help the organizer of the group.

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