Make your own Private Cloud with VueFileManager client powered by Laravel and Vue.

Vue File Manager Extended Null


Upload file
  • Via button
  • Drag your files from your desktop and put it to folder on somewhere else
  • Upload more than 5G file size
  • Chunk upload support for your server
  • Multiple file uploading
  • Show upload progress in %
  • Share file or folder
  • Protect your content with password
  • Ability to set expiration link (1h, 2h, 6h, 12h, 1d, 2d, 7d)
  • Set permission for folder (Can edit and upload / Can only view and download content)
  • Move your file or folder easily with folder tree navigation popup
  • Just drag your item and drop to another folder
  • Create folder
  • Add/Remove folder from favorites
Rename functionality
  • Just drop your cursor to item name and start typing
Delete your file and folder
Searching throughout files and folders


  • List or Grid view
  • Hid-able file info panel on the right side with file informations
  • Home & Recent uploads navigation button
  • Fast navigator folder three widget
  • Favourites folder widget
  • Indicator when item is shared or uploaded by participant


  • After double click you can see your file in full screen (supported are images, audios[mp3, wav] and videos[mp4, ogv, webm])


  • List of all shared items
  • List of all participant uploads


  • All deleted files are moved automatically to the trash
  • Ability to empty trash


  • Easy installation process on your webhosting
  • Store and verify your purchase code
  • Set your database
  • Set your Stripe Credentials (Only Extended license)
  • Set your Company and Billing informations (Only Extended license)
  • Create your subscription plans (Only Extended license)
  • Set your storage and email
  • Set your title, description, logo, favicon and others settings
  • Create admin
  • Enjoy…


  • Total users widget
  • Total space usage widget
  • Total premium users widget (Only Extended license)
  • Latest registration widget
Users Management
  • List of all users
  • Change user role (User or Admin)
  • See user personal informations like email, name and billing details
  • Details storage usage and capacity preview
  • Change user storage capacity
  • Subscription detail (Only Extended license)
  • Invoices list (Only Extended license)
  • Send email for user to change password
Plans Management (Only Extended license)
  • List of all plans
  • Set your plan name, description, price and storage capacity
  • All plans have automatically monthly period
  • List of all subscribed users for current plan
  • Ability to delete created plan
Invoices (Only Extended license)
  • List of the latest user invoices
Pages (Only Extended license)
  • Ability to set Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy pages
Settings / Application
  • Set storage limitation (Yes)
  • Default Storage Space for User Accounts (in GB)
  • Enable/Disable user registration
  • Set contact email
  • Google Analytics code
  • Clear your application cache
Settings / Appearance
  • Set your application Title and Description
  • Set your app logo and favicon
Settings / Billings (Only Extended license)
  • Set your billing detail for invoices
Settings / Payments (Only Extended license)
  • Allow or disable subscription payments for storage
Settings / Homepage (Only Extended license)
  • Edit your homepage content
  • Enable/Disable homepage sections
Settings / Email
  • Set your SMTP email for sending emails to your users.


Profile Settings
  • Set user name and avatar
  • Set user billing info for subscription
  • Total storage usage in %
  • Storage user details by videos, images, files..
  • Ability to change password
Subscription (Only Extended license)
  • Subscription details
  • Ability to cancel plan
  • Ability to renew plan
  • Ability to upgrade storage
Payment Cards (Only Extended license)
  • List of all payment cards
  • Set default payment card
  • Add payment card
  • Remove payment card
Invoices (Only Extended license)
  • List of all invoices
  • Print user invoice
Home Page (Only Extended license)
  • Header presentation with VueFileManager screenshot
  • List of featured info
  • Price list
  • Call to action button
  • Contact form page
  • Multilanguage support (You can translate VueFileManager to other languages)
  • Support for external storage service (Digital Ocean Spaces, Backblaze, Wasabi, Amazon Web Services S3)
  • Night Mode
  • Mobile optimized
  • Laravel PHP Framework 7
  • Vue.js 2.6
Server Requirements
  • MySQL 5.6+
  • PHP ≥ 7.2.5
  • Nginx or Apache
  • Enough space on your storage
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